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Rockiem is an artist, songwriter, and pop music producer from Toronto, Canada. He writes pop music with a goal to reach a wide range of audiences: "I want to make it fun and engaging while making people think a bit. " Rockiem has been writing music since his late teens and has released his first single in 2015. His music consists of catchy melodies based on lyrics that tell a coherent and interesting story: "I reflect my life experiences and all the music and cultures I have been exposed to in my music." Rockiem has previously lived in Cyprus, Turkey, and France: "It's extremely important for me to not only explore but also understand other cultures. Music is a human story that encompasses all." He believes that an artist's job is to unite people and a fun pop song liked by many can achieve that through creating shared feelings.


Sexy Little Feeling (SIngle)

Color Red (EP, 3 songs)

Everywhere (EP, 5 songs)

Sentimento Bueno (EP, 3 songs)